Food & Beverage


We strive to make your holiday unique with the colorful menu that sets the world on your feet in addition to Turkish classical tastes in your kitchen.

Open Buffet

  • Breakfast (07:00-10:00)
  • Late Breakfast (10:00-11:00)
  • Lunch (12:30-14:30)
  • Akşam Yemeği (19:00-21:30)
  • Night Buffet (23:00-07:00)

Diet Buffet

Our diet buffet prepared by our experts offers our guests a rich content.


Our hotel concept is Ultra All Inclusive system and minibuses in rooms are filled once daily(Cola, Fanta, beer, water, Sprite, soda). In the main restaurant, freshly squeezed orange and carrot juices are free of charge, drinks in bars and restaurants are served on the table with a glass of wine.

* A’la Carte Restoranlar için ön rezervasyon gerekmektedir.
* Services to be provided outside are subject to weather conditions.
* Seçkin A’la Carte restoranlarımızdaki akşam yemeklerine, şık bir kıyafet ile katılmanız rica olunur.
* Minumum 5 Gece ve üzeri konaklamalar boyunca 1 defa A’la Carte Restoran kullanımı ücretsizdir.
Asian A’la Carte Restoran
Far East cuisine 19.30 – 21.30

The magical cuisine of the Far East is adorning your plate and night with special and carefully prepared exotic tastes.

Okeanos A’la Carte Restoran
Seafood Cuisine 19.30 – 21.30

Our A la carte restaurant, which colors your conversations with fresh seafood, rich fish and drinks, will be indispensable for your holiday.

Cesear A’la Carte Restoran

Cesars is the ideal place for a romantic meal... delicious Italian, exhibits his skills for you... listen to this voice!

Aztek A’la Carte Restoran
South American Cuisine 19.30 – 21.30

Who doesn't want your dinner to taste the most exquisite dishes of South American cuisine? The spicy flavours of our A la carte Restaurant offer you the most delicious exotic flavours to our guests.

Sultan A’la Carte Restoran
Ottoman Cuisine 19.30 – 21.30

You will know the Oriental tastes of the unique Turkish and Ottoman culinary cultures. We serve the rich menu with the most special tastes of Ottoman cuisine to our guests in an exclusive setting.

Barbecue A’la Carte Restoran

Delicious fries, the smell of barbecued, unbearable flavors... they're all here!